Manorroy Springbatts in New homes Manorroy Springbatts in New homes Lilly May 27193405 Smudge Now living in Scotland 27193406 Missy Missy enjoying her first Icecream !! 27193566 Scout Being as good as gold taking his young Master for a walk 27193897 Sandy Springbatt The spitting image of her Mum Moffit. 27193958 Mollie Im not posing really !! 27194122 Mollie Just relax ...............Take it easy 27194254 Dillan Having a mad 5 minutes 27194344 Dexter Will you please go away with that camera !! cant you see I am trying to sleep. 27503767 Eva She has perfected the sulky Springbatt look 37607161 Eva Again Not quite sure what this look is !! 37607162 Hattie Looking very grown up and well behaved 37607163 Liberty I love my sofa, buts its not quite big enough 37607165 Liberty in her new home. This is more like it, thanks. 37607164 Lucy Are we going for a walk yet or what ??? 37607166 Lucy Its hard being a dog !!!!!! 37607167 Monty My ears are bigger than yours !!! 37607168 Monty again All grown up and looking very handsome. x 37607169 Oliver I do not want to be picked up or have my picture taken. 37607170 Scout How to look when you have done something naughty, it will always get you out of trouble. 37607171 Daisy Springbatt This is my idea of going for a walk !! It si hard work. 43690574 Willow, just under a year old A very good example of a Manorroy Springbatt, the ideal size and weight. She is a 3rd generation springbatt out of Moffit and Hektor. 79771900 180393519 180393520 180393521 180393522 180393523 180393524 180393525 180393526 180393527 180393528 180393529 180393530 180393531 180393532 180393533