Manorroys Springbatts Manorroys Springbatts George he went of to live with his brother Henry. 48922631 Alfie Alfie is our first generation Springbatt Stud 48922628 Moffit Second Generation Springbatt 48922632 Ruby & Liberty as Puppies Both 2nd Generation Springbatts 48922633 Hektor Hektor is our Basset Stud 48922872 2 week old Puppies 48922629 Liberty with her brood of 9 48922634 Alfie Doing a typical sorry Springbatt look 48922874 Moffit. The face of Manorroy Springbatts !! 48922875 Harriet Second generation black & white Fluffy type 48924308 Moffit, Libby and Alfie 48922876 Springbatts on a mission !! Photo by Sam Sopwith 48922630 George, Henry & Obe Practising to be dentists 48922870 Lazy Boy now known as Dylan 48922871 Puppies first time out. Moffits litter 48922873 Moffits Litter again 48923050 Getting bored of sitting still now 48923051 Smudge Before leaving us to live in Scotland 48923052 Smudge Snuggled up on my sofa as he was the last puppy and got very spoilt 48923167 Scuba 48923053 Oliver Not wanting to have his photo taken 48923078 Paint ( Now Bindi) Always a little poser, see her new pics on pups in new homes 48923168 Wilmur as a Puppy First Generation from Hektor the Basset and Chloe the Springer. 48924893 Beryl & Martha 180393884 180393885 Coco & Martha 180393886