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Some of these dogs are now retired or lo longer with us but without them we wouldn't have the next generation.



 Our foundation springbatt stud dog who we sadly lost in 2016 at 13 1/3 years old !!!

He is a first cross, superb temperament shape and looks and a huge character. Greatly missed but he lives on in his offspring.


Our older tricolour basset stud, he is also getting on now in years and is 13 and retired.

Despite looking very mean and grumpy, he is a big teddy bear really, has one heck of a bark on him, which he normally tends to show off when you are standing right next to him. Lovely temperament and he has thrown us some stunning offspring that have turned out lovely looking dogs with very loving and affectionate natures.


Bertie . !! Well what can I say, what a character, he has to be the happiest bassett I have known, always smiling and ready for a cuddle, he is a very affectionate and well behaved boy. He is proving to be a good stud dog and has thrown some lovely looking and coloured pups. 

Mr Lionel Loveheart ( So named because he has a perfect heart on his head) 

Lionel is our new homebred stud dog. A second generation springbatt. The most Adorable character with his still very puppy looking face and huge freckles. He has produced us one stunning litter so far with some outstanding colours and markings. We look forward seeing more of his puppies in the future. He is a hugely affectionate dog, well behaved and loves all the other dogs and all people. 

Lionel has been DNA health tested CLEAR for known inherited diseases associated with bassetts and springers. Meaning that new owners can be assured that none of his offspring will suffer from the inherited forms of those illnesses. 


Our little springer, now retired. She was an important part to our breeding program and is Mum to Wilmur and Hilda for the next generation of our springbatts.

 She is an adorable very affectionate little dog that is still bursting with energy, toy mad and our litter picker. She is always running around the garden picking up any little bit of paper and feathers she can find..


Wilmur is the first of Chloes daughters that we kept. She is a little sweetie, so well behaved, intelligent and a great Mum, So good she always wants to look after everyone else's pups and any opportunity she gets, will sneak into someone else's room to cuddle their puppies. All of our youngsters that we keep grow up with Wilmur as Auntie as she teaches them how to behave and manners, but would never hurt any of them. She loves to play and will steal a fluffy toy at any opportunity.


A second generation daughter from Hilda and Alfie

Also known as Martha the mountain goat !! What she doesn't climb, isn't worth climbing, I think she would have loved to have had long legs for a better view of the world. Great little character, quite different to her sister Beryl. She can be stubborn but only for about 5 seconds as that means standing still !!

Little Beryl.

  Litter sister to Martha above and just the most smiley and cuddley little springbatt. and so well behaved.

Bubbles ( retired)

Bubbles is another lovely girl,mahogany red and white. She is placid and calm but still playful when she wants to be and has been a great Mum.

Coco Chanel

Coco is very rare colouring, we have only had 2 of these chocolate and orange dogs in the last 14 years. Everything Coco does is with massive enthusiasm and at 100 mph... She is a good girl and does as she is told, just has to do it fast !!! She is a very good guard dog too hears anyone approaching long before they arrive.She has given us some beautiful puppies and is a superb Mum.

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