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                        The History of Springbatts.


We are Council approved licenced breeders (PCC 113049) that have been breeding Kennel Club registered dogs in the family for over 70 years. We are regularly recommended by vets and many happy previous customers . Our main breeds are Labradors and Dalmatians, but now very quickly catching up are the Springbatts!!

We are the first and original  breeders of Springbatts and as we are now into the 4th generation, unlike people breeding first crosses, we 

know how they will turn out for looks and temperament. We have now produced a "standard type" Springbatt and most of the puppies now grow up 

to this standard shape/size. Also thanks to lots of positive feedback from owners of previous litters, they are proving to be what we thought all along. 

They are brilliant family pets, excellent with children even toddlers, good with other animals and very trainable and have great characters that 

you can have lots of fun and cuddles with. A huge majority of our sales are to previous customers or to people that they have recommended 

us to. Therefore we rarely need to advertise  many puppies as we have constant waiting lists for our springbatts.

We have bred these dogs since 2003  now.  The first litter was an experiment but they made such adorable dogs and people that had 

bought them wanted another friend for their springbatt, so we bred another litter and so it went on. Our Springbatts are now internationally known

 and some have now crossed the waters into Europe, Jersey and Guernsey, Australia and New Zealand.

We didnt go into this breed lightly. A lot of thought and consideration was given to producing these dogs as we didnt want just another cross that you 

couldnt be sure of temperament or possible health problems. But we thought that as they usually have shorter backs and smaller ears than a basset, and 

slightly longer straighter legs this may actually cut down the health problems associated with these parts of the body. We still own Our foundation

 stock were from Show Champions on the Basset side to Field trial Champions on the Springer side.

Manorroy Springbatts are proven for temperament , you only need to look at our comments page to see that. All of our springbatts here have been throughout their lives so far, healthy hardy dogs that has lived into their teens

We have carefully chosen dogs to keep for breeding as we are aiming for a specific type. (Although as it is still fairly early days, we do sometimes get a longer legged dog or fluffy coated one, but these are just as nice looking as the shorter stockier type.) But as we are further down the generations ,we very rarely get them now. breed they will all turn out as nice natured as ours. Sadly this is not always the case !!

Our Springbatts not only go back through 4 generations of Springbatts but also several generations of our Original Springers and Bassets that go back over 25 years. So we know there are no obvious health or temperament problems in the line.

As we are very experienced and licenced reputable breeders, we do offer full after sales lifetime support to those buying a dog from us, this ranges from any advice that you may need, either when you first buy your puppy or further down the line into old age. We are always here to advise on feeding, training, behaviour and anything else you would like to know. Pam has several years experience of advising on these subjects due to previous employment too and has qualified for many dog nutritional awards and is presently studying level 3 dog psychology and Simon has over 40 years experience of breeding dogs where he worked along side his mother who bred for 70 years.The temperament of Springbatts is second to none. They have very happy cheerful natures and tend to accept whatever life throws at them. They are very loving and like nothing more than to put their "arms" around your neck to give you a cuddle. They love people and playing with other dogs. They tend to wrestle alot!! They are not as stubborn as a basset or a scatty as a springer spaniel and dont need as much exercise as a springer to be bearable to live with. They will happily go for long walks, but just as happily lounge around sleeping. They are dogs that love the company of both humans and other dogs.

Unlike many breeders We will also in the event of you not being able to keep your dog for any reason, we would help to rehome it for you to the best possible home. I know every one says" I would never rehome the dog", but circumstances sometimes change and due to relationship breakdowns, work committments, or allergies sometimes it is necessary. But if this happens you are safe in the knowledge that we would do our best to help find a good loving home for your pet.

We hope that after reading this you will be able to make a more informed decision on whether to buy a Manorroy Springbatt.

Thank you for reading.

Website material all belongs to Manorroy, please do not copy text or pictures from this site without our permission. Copyright laws apply. 

© Manor Farm House Kennels

If considering buying a Manorroy Springbatt please email fill in the application form or or 


Manor Farm House Kennels Licence number PCC 113049

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